How to Use Android 101

A guide to the basics of using an Android phone | taught by Brett Bristow

Course description

This course will take you through a series of lessons to get you started in using your first Android phone. This is for those new and old to Android to help you improve the way you use your Android phone.
Brett Bristow
Brett Bristow
Your Tech Expert

I come from a long history of tech experience. I started experimenting with computers at a very early age and was fascinated at what I could accomplish with programs. Over the years, I began to deepen my software and video experience by creating media to entertain. I now want to take what I have learned through the years and provide you with structured path from beginner to expert. I will provide you with solutions to common issues or questions you have in adapting to a mobile world. I have worked in the mobile industry for more than 5 years in customer support. I have spent many years as a blogger, YouTube creator and as a go to family tech expert helping with support for computer software, iPad, iPhone, Android, Samsung devices as well as all types of application solutions. I earned my Bachelor Degree in Technology Management and Associates in Applied Science and Drafting Technology at Utah Valley University. I have worked with large companies such as Samsung, Google and Zagg to deepen my knowledge and provide you with the most clear and accurate training material possible.